Disparated EP

by Allthingslost

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released 05 June 2014

Produced and Mastered by Abraham Tilbury

Performed by Abraham Tilbury, Taimil Dyas, Mutaurwa Mapondera and Brodie Pigram.

Artwork by Callum McGrath and Joe O'Toole

Special thanks to Stephen Carmichael.



all rights reserved


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Allthingslost Brisbane, Australia

Allthingslost is a 19 year old producer and vocalist from Brisbane. His music presents a diverse exploration of sounds and styles, combined with very raw and genuine vocals. With the combination of his defined vocal character and the support of the expanding live act, 2014 presents an exciting live show not to be missed. ... more

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Track Name: Hold You Down
I hold you down, my hands above the ground,
Your face looks at me broken.

Not sure what to do, so I'll just look at you.
And you’ll just look at me, and that’s just how we’ll be.

Crushed devoured you’ll be, locked I'll only see.
Beside you I’ll believe, that soon you will be free.

Our hands are intertwined, the tears are almost broken,
The last words almost spoken.

And you’ll stay, please stay with me.
And you’ll stay, please stay with me.

I hold you down, my hands above the ground.
Track Name: Disparated (feat. Midas.Gold)
Locked out alone, and can’t control. How home it feels, retracts then peels.

As I write my obituary, I'm thinking to myself is it worth it.
You been alone for so long what's the purpose, they see what's on the surface. But that ain't real.
The more you stay the same, people change, it's a shame some scars never heal.
Round alone, went and found a home, moment came and gone.

You ain't the same, picture ain't as prefect as it’s framed.
Like you got caught in rain, I'm watching paint drip.
In-between the blame, I seen your game, its make shit.
No need for change mate it's basic, Taimil turn demons to payslips.
And I'm amazed this shit hasn't killed me, cause to make this expose who I am and will be.
Young rich and filthy, word.
Isn't that what you wanted, why so guilty, tell me really, what you're feeling?
For once, just be honest, well if that's the topic and were on it, I should follow the comic succumb to snide comments.
Like, that verse vomit.
You think you illin boy, you got another thing coming.
Exacerbate my character, lord willing there's something.
Assassinate my character, you're killing for nothing.

I can’t believe, how cold I've been.
Were locked apart, and disparated.
Track Name: (ineedyouhere)
Its hard alone, I need you here.
Track Name: leftsofast (feat. Fore)
Why’d you have to go.

Tattoos of rosettes, muscle tone from the bow-flex.
On her tip-toes her toes step, on the floor best and she won't rest.

When her nose blow your check, buy a chip from the hostess.
No protest, we both stressed, her fast life and my slow death.

I won't guess her progress, but she swears she in a program.
Grind slow to slow jamz, so slow, no hands.
She lifts her shirt, her lips her pursed.
My shit could burst by the twista verse.
Nipples perked when she twists it hurts, i’d twist them too, but I'm risk averse.

I can't risk, getting kicked out.
Cause tonight; a nigga flipped out.
On his own moms cause she pissed bout, all the christmases that he missed out.

Not going home for a year more.
Missing shit I should be there for.
How the fuck can I prepare for.
Another goodbye at the airport?

I've been walking round the city with a different name.
Fix my lips to resist the change.
I'm Andre Ward how I slip the blame, a son of god putting piff to flames.

I've been smoking too much, drinking too much.
They been telling me to chill I don't listen too much.
If it's not about some money I'm not giving two fucks.
[If it's not about my freedom I'm not giving two fucks]

Tattoos of rosettes, muscle tone from the bow-flex.
On her tip-toes her toes step, across the floor best and she won't rest.

She won't rest.

Why’d you have to go?

She opens the door, knowing that fore is focused on poking her raw.
But she's hoping for more.

She won't rest

You left so fast.
Track Name: Withdrawn
I can't believe, my eyes.
It's hard to think.

Withdraw me clearly, take back my sight.
I'm feeling down, take back the time.

I'm stuck alone, dug my own hole.
It's hard to think, burnt my own goal.

I'm locked inside, this broken ocean.
Recurring motions, why take more from me.

Withdraw me clearly, take back my sight.
I'm feeling down, take back the time.
Track Name: Stay Strong
Is it lonely by yourself, must be hard without my help.
You say you've set yourself for life, heres to no one by your side.

Do you see me still today, you must really wish I stayed.
If I stick around for sure, you'd stop beaming at your door.

Now I see where we went wrong, its too late to try hold on.
I've fallen down and lost this game, its time to do the same.

I think you've changed me for the best, set me far beyond the rest.
Did you once look back and see, all the grief you threw at me.